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A new experience

Executives and employees in the organization try to deal with the creation of problems and their solution, and particularly with the gaps that exist between the understanding of learning materials and the extent of the ability to apply them in the field. Use of the Business Theater methodology enables problems to be dealt with while circumventing them, to experience new experiences, take risks and reach the edge – to move one step forward, outside the realm of the safe and familiar framework. In this way, a learning and emotional experience is created, which generates a change in structural layers – personal, group and organizational – that contributes to the success of the process of contending with these gaps, and the transition from learning to assimilation.

The Business Theater

At the core of the Business Theater concept is the audience, which is an active spectator that contributes to both the design of the dilemmas and the scenes being played out, thus expanding the range of coping with the conflicts experienced by all workshop participants. Theater in the business environment emphasizes the central role of the emotions in influencing social behavior. Its goal is to create a learning framework and a stage where dilemmas from the work environment can be presented, to enable emotions and thoughts to be combined in a safe environment, to test different concepts and perspectives, and to accomplish a behavioral modification and facilitate new insights in a creative and enjoyable atmosphere.

Learning materials

The theater enables a variety of content subjects to be dealt with: for executives – leadership issues, assuming one’s role, managerial excellence, EFQM, creativity in problem-solving, in service areas, and the organizational culture – cultural gaps, teamwork, vendor-customer relations, ethical dilemmas, power struggles, etc. The subject matter of the workshop is defined by the organization.

Administration, direction and facilitation

The Business Theater was established on the basis of the principles of the Forum Theater, developed in Brazil by Augusto Buell, and expanded and revised by Peter Harris – director and head of the Community Theater stream in Tel Aviv University’s Theater Department, and Ari Sheleff – organizational consultant, initiator of the Theater, and CEO of the Sheleff Consultants group.
The performances and workshops are staged and facilitated by Ari/Peter, as part of the learning methodology. The group includes some ten professional actors, specializing in organizational and educational fields, who incorporate a broad world of concepts and images. The actors are trained in the Business Theater method and have studied the dynamics of the organization.
Following is a partial list of organizations that have benefited from the Business Theater activity:
  • 013 Barak – Cultural Gaps and Vendor-Customer Relations
  • 013 Barak – Focusing on the Customer and Assimilating Service Values
  • Bank Leumi – Improving Negotiation Skills to Expand Business
  • Bank Leumi Training Department – Use of the Performing Arts as a Learning and Change-Generating Tool
  • Cisco Systems – Sales Managers, Double Citizenship
  • Dexon Pharmaceuticals – Dilemmas in the Lives of Physicians
  • Direct Insurance – Coping with Stress and Burnout
  • Israel Electricity Company – Improved Intra-Organizational Service
  • Gal Ha’atid – Leadership among Club Managers
  • Givatayim Senior Citizens Home – Inter-Cultural Team Cohesion
  • Hanson – Assimilating Service Values
  • Hospital Administrators – Managerial Excellence - EFQM
  • IDF, Colonels Course – Leadership and Decision-Making
  • IDF, HQ Commanders Course – Dilemmas of Organizational Consultants
  • IDF Intelligence – Senior Commanders Cohesion
  • IDF, School of Electronic Warfare – Couplehood Workshop
  • IDF, Staff Command – Couplehood Workshop for Senior Commanding Officers
  • IDF, Staff Command – Commanding Officers Workshop on Leadership Issues
  • IDF, Staff Command – Couplehood Workshop for the Air Arm
  • IDF, Training Base 20 – Couplehood Workshop for NCOs
  • Intel – Middle Manager Syndrome
  • Intel – Instructor Effectiveness
  • Intel – Globalization
  • Intel – Molding Leadership
  • Internet Gold – Senior Management
  • Joint – The Influence and Responsibilities of Managers
  • Mifa'm – Dilemmas of Public Elects
  • Netafim – Managers’ Conflicts
  • Partner – The Salesman’s Stage Personality
  • Pelephone – Feedback as Organizational Culture
  • Rafael SCD – HQ/Field Work Interfaces
  • Reshet Broadcasting – Creativity in the Work of Budget Managers
  • Reshet Broadcasting – Improving Service
  • HR Managers Conference – Ethical Dilemmas
  • International Quality Conference – Quality-Related Dilemmas
  • Maccabi Health Services – Handling the Employee Population
  • Maccabi Health Services – Vendor-Intra-Organizational-Customer Relations
  • Migdal Asset Management and Securities – The Sales Environment as the Encounter of Human Needs
  • Training Conference, June 2003 – Workshop for Organizational Consultants
  • Training Managers Conference – Coping with Redundancy
  • Verint – Customer Focus Group

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